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Al Salhiya Lighting Center was established in 1962 with its key vision to fill up the market demand of quality lighting products. The company has grown rapidly since the 1990’s, and has 10 showrooms in different parts of UAE with the biggest collection of lighting archives and LED products. Our history is now well established. The product portfolio of Al Salhiya Lighting includes all kinds of decoration lighting, contemporary lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Lights, Chandeliers, Architecture Lights, Industrial Lights and all kind of LED lighting products. The company has skilled & experienced craftsmen in the fields of designing decoration lights, indoor and outdoor lighting, and fabrications, to handle more delicate and complex lighting projects.

Al Salhiya Lighting showrooms are present in across UAE and Qatar. In UAE Al Salhiya Lighting has standalone showrooms in Deira, Al Barsha, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. In Qatar we have 2 showrooms in Doha. Al Salhiya, offers services to light the interiors and exteriors of private homes, royal residences, hotels, public & private buildings located around UAE. Our commitment to maintain the exemplary standards of design, quality engineering and functionality makes us different from our competitors.

We ensure all our lighting equipment’s and products comply with appropriate international standards.


From the last 10 years, we are doing Major lighting projects across the UAE.

Solar Lighting
Wireless Remote Monitoring and Control, Easy Installation, Long Service Life, Cost Effective.
Commercial Lighting
Residential Lighting
Decorative Street Lighting
Wedding Lights
Festival Decoration
Fiber Optical Lighting
Palm Tree Lighting

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